Monday, January 18, 2010

Could a Red Ryder bb gun(new model) kill a squirrel?

please no save the animals answers these are bloody vermin that are annoying meCould a Red Ryder bb gun(new model) kill a squirrel?
C_F_45 nailed it. The Red Ryder is not intended to be used for hunting. It just doesn't have the energy. Squirrels take 3 ft-lbs of impact energy. The Red Ryder doesn't generate this at the muzzle, much less at the 20-30 yards you'd need for hunting.

If you want an affordable pellet gun that can be used to kill squirrels, take a look at the Crosman 2100 (which should have enough energy to kill squirrels to 25-30 yards) or the Daisy 880 (which should have enough energy to kill squirrels to 20-25 yards).


Or just use the Daisy 901 you have. That's as powerful as the Daisy 880.Could a Red Ryder bb gun(new model) kill a squirrel?
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As others have pointed out, the Red Ryder is not designed to provide humane one-shot kills. It is not a toy. A very precise or very lucky shot could kill, so you certainly should always observe all rules of gun safety with it, including ';Never point your weapon at anything you don't intend to kill.'; But in general, shooting birds or animals with a kid's BB gun just amounts to ';harassing wildlife';, which is against the law just about everywhere.

I'm guessing (and I freely admit this is only a guess) that you have not researched the hunting regulations in your jurisdiction. Before you kill another thing, do so! If you are in the United States, your Department of Natural Resources probably has a very helpful website. There will be hunting seasons and license fees, and quite possibly minimum firepower requirements.

I own a Red Ryder myself. It's great for practicing in the basement, but please, grow up! It's not a hunting weapon.
Radar thingy = Chronograph

Daisy Red Ryder - specs - reviews - info鈥?/a>

Daisy ';claims'; 350fps

Muzzle energy

350fps with 5.1gr Crosman Copperhead BBs = 1.39fpe

It takes 3.0fpe at impact, with a good hunting pellet and perfect head shot to make a clean, humane kill on a squirrel.

The Daisy Red Ryder is for shooting targets at close range, not small game hunting.

You could use it to go on a backyard safari(AKA bugbusting)


Your Daisy Powerline 901 will work just fine on squirrel, so long as you keep the range reasonable close, and you can make the shot(head)...
No. your red ryder does not have enough power, it would do little more than make the squirrel jump and maybe cause a welt. In order to effectively kill a squirrel you would need a bb or preferably pellet gun that shot around 750 fps and that is using a pellet with good expansion and a head shot.
No way except as a fluke. I doubt it would kill a squirrel with a Red Ryder if you were standing on it's tail.

If you aren't going to eat it or use it, please don't kill it. It's bad for your Karma.
No a Red Ryder can not be depended on to humanely kill a squirrel

There just isn't enough power there

And don't blame parenthelp1 Bucket

I reported you
yes but you will have to shoot it 1 to 10 times if you hit it right
Yes, but you would be better off using a real gun. Ruger 10/22 is a good choice.

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