Monday, January 18, 2010

Do you have a lot of squirrels in your area? Gray or red tailed? :)?

Grey tailed...and they keep getting into the power transformers here and knocking out the power...stupid suicidal squirrles!Do you have a lot of squirrels in your area? Gray or red tailed? :)?
we have grey and BLACK squirrelsDo you have a lot of squirrels in your area? Gray or red tailed? :)?
Lotsa greys..cute little thieves, they are...
Both of those you mentioned and also black squirrels. They dine every day in my yard...I place sunflower seeds out for their meals.
grey tailed
They're Gray

Gray tailed
They are red here but when I was a kid we lived in an area that had a lot of both and there was even a white one in our yard. I think he must have been albino but it was cool to see him out and about.
In Ks, I had red tailed squirrels(one as a pet)Here in Ga we have gray squirrels, Don't remember the type in Tx
Yup, mostly grey ones where I live. The occasional albino squirel is seen running around from time to time.

Are we now using squirrels as spies? Were they grey or red?!?

Press Assoc. - Tuesday, July 17 05:16 am

Iran has claimed that 14 squirrels found near the nation's borders were spies. The state-sponsored news agency IRNA said: ';In recent weeks, intelligence operatives have arrested 14 squirrels within Iran's borders. The squirrels were carrying spy gear of foreign agencies, and were stopped before they could act, thanks to the alertness of our intelligence services.'; Iranian police commander Esmaeil Ahmadi-Moqadam said: ';I heard of this but I have no specific knowledge on the subject.';Are we now using squirrels as spies? Were they grey or red?!?
Anybody remember Secret Squirrel? He was a spy, so it could be true.Are we now using squirrels as spies? Were they grey or red?!?
That's where we got the expession:Let loose the squirrels of war.
I assume that the Iranians confiscated the squirrels Ipods
Anything is possible, why would you be shocked? God Bless.
This seems to be the case. Squirrels are agile, smart and can blend in seemlessly with the Iranian public when wearing their disguises.

Britain has a secret unit of Hedgehog spies, but despite their improved combat effectiveness due their spikes, their use has been under review when it was found they have a weakness for honey mixed with milk.
LOL - that would be cool if we could.
';Squirrels'; is an euphemism!
Just shows you, these Iranians are f*****g nuts !!
sheep and donkeys too, lol
They arrested squirrels?!

there was one in my garden yesterday, are we not safe in our own homes anymore?!
Can squirrels really spy? They are after all animales. Can dogs spy? Can birds spy? Can rabbits spy? I tell you I am going to keep a closer eye on my cats...
Um...%26amp; i guess their job content is different from Moles...who work underground.
What the F*** will the Iranians come up with next, A s s holes. pmsl

What should I use for a scope for a .22 semi auto, a red dot scope or a fixed 4? Mostly for rabbits,squirrels.

fixed 4. or an old 10x32 with the cross hair. bout like a $40.00 one from walmart.What should I use for a scope for a .22 semi auto, a red dot scope or a fixed 4? Mostly for rabbits,squirrels.
a fixed scope will work fineWhat should I use for a scope for a .22 semi auto, a red dot scope or a fixed 4? Mostly for rabbits,squirrels.
I think you're in the wrong section. You're going to piss off a lot of people.
why would you want to kill a rabbit or a squirrel????

Has anyone ever heard of putting crushed red pepper in bird feed to keep squirrels out?

Yes, cayenne pepper is used.

This is because only mammals, have the taste buds that can taste hot spice's. Birds are unaffected, they have no idea the cayenne pepper is mixed in with the seed.

Mankind and birds are the only animals (insects not withstanding) that purposely eat hot peppers.

The hot peppers do not affect the birds in anyway, except health wise for the vitamins.

1999 Cornell Feeding Study

The efficacy of capsaicin-treated sunflower seed as a repellent to birdseed

consumption by free-ranging Gray squirrels.

Dr. Paul D. Curtis

Ms. Elizabeth Rowland

Dr. Joseph A. Dunn

Cornell Cooperative Extension, Department of Natural Resources

Cornell University, Ithaca, New York 14853


Eastern gray squirrels (Sciurus carolinensis) are considered to be a pest by many bird-lovers because they can steal significant quantities of seed from birdfeeders. None of the available methods of protecting birdseed against squirrels is completely effective. We assessed the efficacy of treating birdseed with capsaicin oleoresin as a means of deterring squirrels. Consumption of treated and untreated whole black-oil sunflower seed was compared by carrying out one-choice feeding trials at three sites near Ithaca, New York from 11 May to 24 June 1999. Untreated seed was provided in weeks 1, 2 and 4 and capsaicin-treated seed was offered in weeks 3, 5 and 6.

It was concluded that treating the sunflower hearts with capsaicin while keeping the shell intact does effectively deter squirrels from eating the seed. The use of this seed provides a solution to the problem of squirrels stealing seed from bird feeders, making this a commercially viable product. We also showed that this treatment of seed has no noticeable effect on the frequency of bird visits where bird populations are low, and may increase visit frequency where bird populations are high. This would further enhance the marketability of this seed鈥?/a>鈥?/a>Has anyone ever heard of putting crushed red pepper in bird feed to keep squirrels out?
Doesn't that keep the birds out, too?Has anyone ever heard of putting crushed red pepper in bird feed to keep squirrels out?
The cayenne pepper responce is correct. Also, my African Grey loves hot spicy foods, she also likes crushed red pepper seeds. The seeds are in her daily seed balls.
Joker 1 has a theory that birds don't have taste buds. Well I have first hand knowledge that by sprinkling pieces of bread with Tabasco sauce and tossing them out to sea gulls. They would swallow these morsels and then dive into fresh water puddles to cool their throats. So if you want to drive birds away from your feeders that's the way to do it. The best way to keep squirrels away is to tack sheets of aluminum or tin around the tree trunk or pole that houses the feeder. The squirrels cannot dig their claws into the aluminum therefore cannot climb to the bird feeder.
That's mean. It would burn the bird's throats. Of course having an outside cat or two would keep both away.
I used Cayenne Pepper not crushed pepper. I was told dont know how true this is or not but birds dont have a taste bud for ';hot/spicy'; but squirrels do. I tried it mixed enough Cayenne pepper so it lightly covered the seeds and the squirrels stopped eating the seeds and killing the baby birds that came to feed there but the birds kept on eating without any problems.
i have parrots and i was told they like spicy peppers so i tried it. my african grey cant get enough of it. jalapenos, cayenne,etc he loves them and doesnt run looking for water. i dont give him too many, but they dont bother him.
It will probably keep the squirrels AND the birds out.
That's a good way to kill the birds.

You'll have to put wire around the bird feeder so the birds can fit their beaks through the wire to eat.

Good luck

Red and gray Squirrels can they mix? have babies?

have they ever mixed? (had a baby) I wonder what the outcome would be. is it like mixing a donkey and a horse?

my neighbor always shoots the red squirrels when they are on his property because he feeds the gray ones. (hes really old and kind of crazy) I personally think its mean and animal cruelty but you can't teach an old dog new tricks.

Anyway I hear the gray squires are chasing the red ones away.. why can't they just live at peace with each other?

its like a metaphor for life..

lol help me I'm confused.Red and gray Squirrels can they mix? have babies?
No they can't reproduce. I suppose they could do the mating ritual but it would be in vain. In North America only one subspecies of Red squirrel is on the endangered list. In the Old World the greys are pressing hard upon their smaller reds. Here in North America the Red squirrel is larger than the gray. However, the smaller more aggressive grey runs the Larger Red out just like in Europe. I had heard,but never witnessed a persistent rumor that the grey castrates the Red. Thereby reducing their reproductive potential. To lend credence to the story I know female rabbits will bite off the male rabbits genitals at times leaving them with no penis or no testicles or without both structures. Over most of its range the Red is legal game. Over its range the gray is legal game. Cities etc. excepted. I'm sure someone has caged the two species at birth and tried to interbreed them. I have never heard of success. They aren't as closely related as a horse and donkey. With gene splicing, I'm sure in the near future somebody will succeed. Your neighbor that is shooting the Reds may well be eating them? The old man may just be hungry.Red and gray Squirrels can they mix? have babies?
You should call the authorities on your neighbor. It is illegal to shoot at the red squirrel. If anything can teach an old dog a new trick, a fine, or jail time, can.

Grey squirrels are more aggressive than Red squirrels, and they are separate species so no, they can not interbreed. Basically, they are two separate animals one native, and one not native, that are trying to fill in the same niche, and with no natural predators in the area, the foreign species will normally win, thus pushing the whole local food chain, off balance. Your neighbor is helping this to happen by feeding the grey squirrels..
In the UK the more agressive grey squirrels have almost replaced the indiginous red squirrels now.

No they dont and cant mate they are seperate species.

Your right species often cant live with each other without fighting often just like humans with seperate beliefs.

But there are some great stories and brilliant footage on you tube that proves different species can get on.
not sure if you are serious but red squirrels are protected and if he is shooting them he could find himself in serious trouble.

grey squirrels are vermin and not native to the UK and are making our native red squirrels an endangered species.

im not sure why they are pucshing out the red squirrels but sure the RSPCA could give you further advice.
I don't think they breed together. Grey ones often have red patches and people think they are a cross-breed but they aren't. The greys are bigger, have more babies and eat a wider variety of food. they simply out compete our native red. You should report your neighbour as the red is a protected species.
Since they are closely related, it could be possible, but then again, they evolved on seperate continents, so perhaps not. Besides, the characters of the two are very different- grays are boisterous and aggressive, and the reds are shy and reclusive.
Hi i dont think you mix the red %26amp; greys together because i have heard (that im not sure which way round it is ?) that 1 of the species of squirrel carry a disease which kills the other 1's off
i think thats illegal, isnt the red ones like endangered?

and anyway he should be shooting them grey yankees!

idk but black ones exist and they run out the grey ones, because they're hornier and they take the grey females.
Judging by your use of American English, you are in the USA or Canada? The situation over there is very different from the one in the UK.

The common red squirrel species in north America, the American red squirrel (Tamiasciurus hudsonicus) is completely unrelated to the Eurasian red squirrel (Sciurus vulgaris) found in Europe. Your neighbour may be entitled to shoot the American red squirrel, as they are not endangered in the majority of their range, but you'd need to check up your local wildlife regulations. They still wouldn't interbreed with the grays, as they are unrelated species (a sterile hybrid may be possible but would be very unlikely).

In North America, the American red squirrel evolved side-by-side with the many species of gray, flying and ground squirrels and the different species compete for resources but can coexist quite comfortably without any one species outcompeting another.

In the UK, however, there are no endemic gray squirrels; in fact there is only one endemic squirrel species, and that's our native red. One of your American gray squirrel species, specifically the Eastern grey squirrel (Sciurus carolinensis) was artificially introduced into parks in the early 20th century, where it rapidly spread to the woodlands across England and Wales.

The grey squirrels outcompete the red somewhat for resources, but the main problem is a virus claled parapoxvirus, that is carried by the greys and is harmless to them, but is deadly to the eurasian reds.

The red squirrel population in England and Wales has been devastated, with only isolated populations left on grey free offshore islands and scattered traces in reserves.

The last stronghold is the pine forests of Scotland, where a mustelid (weasel-like) squirrel predator called the pine marten may be helping save the red squirrel by selectively controlling the grey population, where the two species meet
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  • Red and Grey squirrels?

    Why are there more grey than red squirrels in England and Wales but more red in Scotland?

    Thanks XDRed and Grey squirrels?
    red squirrels are more at risk due to environment changes than grey squirrels

    i think that the dutch elm disease didn't help their plight as it took away alot of their food source

    urban myth: grey squirrels don't kill red onesRed and Grey squirrels?
    Because the Grey were stronger than the red %26amp; attacked %26amp; killed the greys
    Ther was cullings of the grey squirrels not sure why...I think!

    Silly billy,reds eat acorns and pine nuts,not elm trees.

    The greys ( imported from U.S.A. ) are a much larger animal and prolific breeders who have taken over the habitat of the reds. They also carry a disease which kills reds but to which they are immune. They were first introduced in the south so it's just a matter of time before they populate Scotland. There is a culling programme going on in Kielder Forrest in Northumberland which, to date has effectively protected the reds.
    The red squirrel is native to Britain, the greys were introduced from America. The greys carry a virus which is often fatal to reds, so when they come into contact it is harmful for the red squirrels. Red squirrels prefer conifers, particularly pine trees, while greys are less choosy about their environment and can survive in many types of woodland. The reds cannot compete as well as the greys for food. Scotland and northern England have more pine woodland than the south, so the reds still survive there, but numbers are falling.

    Red squirrels can be found on the Isle of Wight and on Brownsea Island in Poole Harbour.
    The Greys are non-native to the British Isles, the red squirrels are and the reds used to be everywhere.

    The Greys in the 20th Century were accidently released into England and they spread throughout our island, wiping out the reds as they are stronger and spread a disease which kills the reds.

    The reason why the reds are more prevalent in Scotland than elsewhere is simply because the greys havent spread there yet, but also the Grey's dislike the pine forests which are much more prevalent in Scotland than in England/Wales whereas the Red's love the pine forests and live there quite happily.

    Do you like Squirrels,the Red ones are Tasty.?

    I have a Badger bashing spoon :PDo you like Squirrels,the Red ones are Tasty.?
    The red ones do make better looking soldiers in my squirrel army.....Do you like Squirrels,the Red ones are Tasty.?
    Personally I prefer the brown ones. They're not as bitter, you know?
    Elvis used to have some great recipes for squirrel pie. He favoured greys, I believe.
    you will have more choice now because the black ones are here (FACT)
    i aint seen a red one for years the grey ones are bullies lol